makeup makeover

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I recently came to the conclusion that my daily makeup and skin care routine needed a makeover. Although I love all the products I use, I was convinced that I wasn't benefiting from all the great products out there. After browsing through the makeup deparment at Bloomingdales, Marinela, the talented and informative makeup artist at Laura Mercier gave me some great tips to keep your skin healthy and looking it's best.

Skin Care Tips:

  • Make sure to use a face moisturizer in the morning and evening. (I found out tinted moisturizer doesn't count!) Strike one against my current daily makeup routine.
  • Use an exfoilator three times a week to remove all dead skin cells. Always follow with your moisturizer.
  • Your regular moisturizer should never be used under your eyes. The skin in the under eye area contains more water, and a gel cream should be used.
  • Always use a brush, never your fingers, when applying a concealer.

Purchases: (from left to right) skin exfoliator, tinted moisturizer, face lotion, my MAC purchase, eye gel cream, concealer

Makeup at Laura Mercier
Testing out the product


  1. I totally agree with you! I LOVE Laura Mercier makeup! I just gave myself a make-up makeover in Nov and I switch over to almost all of her products. I have sensitive skin and it definitely works for me! Love this post!!

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