happy valentine's day

{homemade card for my valentine}

I absolutely love anything girly - lace, bows, ribbons, hearts, cupcakes, etc. All of these adorable, cute things are definitely in their prime during the month of February. The thing I love about Valentine's Day is that everyone can celebrate in their own way.  Some people go all out with fancy dinners and gifts, others take advantage of the abundance of flowers and sweets. Some people celebrate with a bottle of wine with their girlfriends, and some don't celebrate at all. This year my Valentine's Day will be low key. The plan is to cook my valentine a nice dinner and dessert (see below) and just enjoy each other's company.

{work in progress - valentines day ice cream sandwiches}
{the finished product - you can find the recipe here}
{flowers from my valentine}
{jeweled candles at an art store near my apartment}

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  1. What a nice gf you are!! I love your blogg and I can't wait to keep reading :)