Say Hello to: Lindsey of Pinklet and C

If you're like me then you love to decorate your apartment and have so many great ideas but aren't sure where to start. Being a twenty-something, there are lots of issues to deal with - budget, small spaces, and renting vs. owning. In order to give everyone some interior inspiration I reached out to my friend Lindsey of Pinklet and C. Lindsey shared both some great advise as well as pictures of how she's decorated her space.

Everyone, say hello to Lindsey -

D:  Working with a small space can be challenging. How do you suggest making the most of what you have?
L:  Oh the joys of a small space!  I guess you could say I’ve grown to love it!  Definitely the most important thing is to not overcrowd your apartment. Take stock of what you really need.  Keep items that do double duty – a nightstand that has drawers can be used as more storage space, storage benches/ottomans can be used as extra seating when guests come over or you can add a tray on top and use as an extra side table all while storing things underneath.  When living in a small space it’s best to keep clutter to a minimum.  If you have a lot of stuff that you would like to display, try keeping a few things out and rotate often.  Changing it up often adds freshness! 

D: What tips do you have for renters who can't make major changes to their space but still want the place to feel like their home?
L: The first thing I would suggest to renters is to do something about the walls.  White/dirty beige walls scream rental and are boring.  Add some character to your space will some sort of wall treatment.  You can paint all the walls, but you might not want to deal with the hassle of painting everything back. A great compromise would be to paint an accent wall.  This adds visual interest and it won’t take you forever to paint it back. If you don’t want to paint you can add curtains and windows treatments, shelves, or photo collages.  We bought tall leaning bookshelves that are on both sides of the TV.  The accessories that are on the shelves add accents against the wall.   Something like this will break up the white wall while incorporating items that reflect your personality – books, collections, candles, etc.  Rugs are also an easy way to change the look of a room. 

D:  One of the most challenging parts of decorating can be choosing your paint color. What suggestions do you have?
L:  When choosing a paint color, your first step should always be to grab some chips from the store.  I’ve been known to take home stacks!  If the brand you are choosing uses a chip card that has different shade variations, that’s great.  If not, be sure to pick up a few that are lighter and darker than what you originally chose.  Go home and put the chips on the wall, look at it in different lighting.  This is very important and a step that a lot of people overlook. Colors can change drastically when in natural light versus having the lights on.  The last step should be to pick around 3 and buy paint samples from the store.  Paint  small sections with the sample and decide from there.  You should always try out the actual color before you commit, don’t just base your choice off of a swatch!

D:  It seems as though interior design is influenced by current trends. What advice do you have for those of us who love to follow the latest styles, but don't have to money to constantly re-decorate our space?
L:  The best way to update your space without breaking the bank is the same as updating your wardrobe on a budget!  There are two key elements to this. 1. Buy investment pieces – Where in  fashion you might invest in classic black heels or a simple tailored blazer from your favorite designer, you can invest in an classic neutral colored couch or a stunning antique dresser.  The key here is to spend your money on things that will last.  Pieces that are classic and you can keep when you move or redecorate.  Key element 2. Accessorize – This is where you can make your place a reflection of current trends or decorate based on a season.  Just like when you buy a statement necklace or a shirt in a trendy print, it’s best to save your money here.  Since these trends come and go, you want to be able to indulge in them, but not go overboard!  Pantone’s color of the year – tangerine, is everywhere, both in fashion and home d├ęcor.  Buy a throw in this color or an ikat pillow to update your space.  These things can be super affordable and add just the pop that you need and will do with your investment pieces!  I used this train of thought when decorating my own apartment.  I spent money on a beige couch and bought pillow covers in different colors and patterns.  I have interchanged them on my bed and couch depending on my mood!  Another tip? Pillow covers!  Spend the money to buy a quality insert and then you can buy different removable pillow covers as your taste changes – it’s such a great refresher!

D:  I know you love to accessorize. What are some of your favorite things currently in your apartment?
L:  I do love to accessorize!  Small pieces can make a big impact.   One of my favorite things about anyone’s home is always the little details because I think they tell a lot about the person that lives there.  By far, my favorite accessory will always be fresh flowers.  It’s something that you can change every week, different styles, colors, to really liven up the space!  I also love black and white framed photos.  For me, the best thing about accessories is that it was a great way to combine my style with my boyfriend’s.  I wanted to make sure that the space reflected both of us, not just me, but that it still looked good.  To achieve this,  I used a lot of things that we have collected from traveling together, like the L & E initials, and I frame our favorite photos.  These things will always be my favorite because it’s a great representation of our lives, which is what you want in your home!

Hope you enjoyed some of Lindsey's tips and a sneak peak into her apartment. For more idea's from Lindsey be sure to check out Pinklet and C!


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