homemade snacks

 Aside from a dinner date on Saturday night, this past weekend I spent the majority of my time studying. I did however take a short break to make two relatively easy (and delicious) snacks: homemade granola and hot chocolate. I'm a huge granola fan. My breakfast routine consists of greek yogurt topped with berries and granola.  The best part about making it yourself is that you can add or omit whatever you want. I used this recipe, and replaced the raisins with my favorite, dried cranberries.   And if you're chocolate obsessed like myself, you have to treat yourself to some homemade hot chocolate. It's unbelievably good and will help you get through any study session or cold winter day. Top it with homemade whipped cream, shaved chocolate, toasted coconut, or whatever you're in the mood for!


  1. Granola-yogurt-berries-and a slight drizzle of honey is my all time fav snack. Great pictures!


  2. Looks so yummy! Eric and I eat yogurt and granola for breakfast on the weekends all the time and I'm always meaning to make our own! Thanks for the tips!

  3. That hot cocoa looks fabulous - have a great weekend dear!