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Welcome to big city farm girl: a collection of great outfits, stylish trends, delicious desserts and everyday inspirations.  These days my life pretty much consists of creating lists of things I want to do, places I want to eat, and wardrobe pieces I want to invest in.  In this blog I'll post mainly about fashion and food. However, I love sharing anything and everything I discover that makes me feel good. Why fashion and food? To me they're almost one in the same. I'd say about ninety percent of the time I'm wearing a fabulous outfit it's because I'm on my way to eat some delicious food. 

The name big city farm girl came easily to me. It's exactly what I consider myself. I grew up on a horse farm (recently turned horse & alpaca farm) for the first eighteen years of my life. Since graduating college I moved an hour south of the farm to New York City. I love having childhood memories of helping my Mom groom the horses, camping with my Dad, and picking pumpkins from the backyard for Halloween just as much as I love the high energy, fashion, and food mecca of Manhattan. My life as a farm girl turned city girl is what has shaped my style and passions, and it's what makes me unique. How many girls can say they've gone wilderness canoe camping in Canada for a week and shopped at the Louboutin store on Madison Avenue? Welcome to my life! 


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